Immeasurable at large

While thinking of my blocks idea, it occurred to me that I would eventually meet a significant problem when programming. I realized that certain links and certain types of blueprints would not be able to use infinity in the same way our mathematical systems do. For us, infinity is but a very large number that we have accepted not to find. We can describe it in terms of relative quantities — one infinity being larger than the other — or in terms of direction. We can also describe it in terms of field dimensions and vector arrays, but we cannot give it a value other than through deductive or inductive observations (e.g., derivatives and integrals).

However, my blocks will need to deal with infinity in a different way. They will need to look at it in terms of its usefulness and in terms of probability. This will involve having to invent a new type of mathematical system — not just new symbols and rules, but a whole new way of thinking. It will no longer make sense to think about a number line, or a vector in a field, or a standard distribution. It will be necessary to think in terms of probable next numbers as opposed to predefined consecutive numbers. Prime numbers as defined in our decimal number system will come out naturally through probability, representing the direction of the numeric flow at any given point of reference (time, space, energy and any other dimensions required). I have an idea of what this system will look like that I constructed using probability through quad numbers in a natural number field. Primes did, in fact, point out the general direction at any given time just like derivatives can point out the rate of change of a function at any given time. Primes here have a different meaning. They are no longer concerned with divisors but rather with the direction of the most likely combination of numbers to continue making a numeric field.

Once I have formalized the basis for this system, I will post it online and hope that mathematicians worldwide will help me explore it. It will be like starting new numbers from scratch, and all rules from arithmetic to algebra to calculus will have to be re-discovered. Fortunately, mathematical methods used in quantum mechanics will make the system very useful very quickly. They will have to be modified to cope with a different concept of infinity, as well as an eminent concept of not one but many, many zeros.

I figured that if I can get the math process started, I can then move on to designing very basic blocks in a macro scale that could be used to study their interactions. Once I can get simple blocks working, I will need some type of massive database to analyze the data obtained from them and to start working on microscopic designs.

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