Why, o why?

Tonight, I went to Buffalo Wild Wings with my buddy to watch the Pistons game. As we were driving in, the guys in a car driving out yelled, “You niggers!” I was astonished.

As it turns out, my friend is of African origin. He’s been in the U.S. for over 11 years and is now an American citizen. He just made a comment about how idiotic that was of them, and then he let it go. But I didn’t. I couldn’t. It stayed in the back of my mind until now. It makes me sick knowing that a person can nowadays still think that way. After so many years of discrimination and repression, there are still people out there who think the color of your skin makes any difference in the type of person you are. I want to kick them in the balls.

Of course, that wouldn’t solve anything. But I still feel bad that someone yelled that at my friend. This is the first time I see someone discriminating against one of my friends. He acted like it happened all the time, which is very sad. I wish there was something we could have told those guys that could have made them open their eyes. But there was nothing — absolutely nothing — we could have done or said that could possible change their minds. That is very frustrating.

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