Not great, but not bad – my proposal presentation

I formally presented my Capstone project proposal today. It did not go as great as I expected. Perhaps a bit more practice would have helped. Although I am a little disappointed about my grade, at least I can move forward with my project and ensure I do a much better job in my final presentation.

The instructor gave me a couple of “average” ratings for my opening and closing, none of which I remembered to prepare. 🙂 I also received a few “above average” ratings on presentation techniques and subject knowledge. What really disappoints me is receiving an “above average” on subject knowledge, especially when I thought to had demonstrated a good understanding of the technologies used in my project. This means I still have much more to learn and improve upon. Oh boy, do I hear a challenge? I think so! 🙂

Every other aspect of my presentation — visual aids, effective use of presentation technology, dress, interaction, language, logic — was flawless. It’s good to know I rated excellent on everything else, but it’s even better to know that I have much more left to improve upon.

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