OpenID: A single login to rule them all!

Have you heard all the buzz about OpenID? It’s a way to simplify your digital life across multiple websites by letting you use a single user name. What that means for you is that instead of remembering multiple user names and passwords, you just have to remember a single URL — your OpenID URL.

How does it work? It’s quite simple, really. All you need to do is open an account with a provider you trust. A few of them include Blogger, AOL, Yahoo!, WordPress, MyOpenID, Vox, LiveJournal and many others. You can find a comprehensive list at Anyway, once you have an account setup, you can start logging in to your favorite sites using your OpenID URL. For example, after I setup a custom OpenID for my domain name, I can login to SourceForge using, which then takes me to MyOpenID to login, which brings me back to SourceForge after a successful login. That way, SourceForge doesn’t get to see my username and password — only MyOpenID does.

Although not many sites support OpenID right now, at least some major social networking sites do. Hopefully, bank accounts and e-mail providers around the globe will start accepting OpenID some day soon. That would mean having to remember only one password, and having a single login to rule them all!

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