That one ad

I was looking for apartments in Craig’s List today, when I saw a link that read, “Women looking for men.” I was bored, so I said to myself, what the heck… maybe there’s something interesting. With all that boredom in me, and even a bit of curiosity, I clicked the link.

Now, having seen personal ads all over the Internet, I was expecting the typical “21 hottie looking for fun” type of ad. I did see those ads, but lost between them, where some others that really caught my eye: “Want a decent an honest guy,” “Looking for someone that makes me laugh,” “Looking for that special someone.” My first impression was, of course, good luck ladies! If you are looking for a good guy but you are posting it online, chances are you’ll end up with a jerk looking to take advantage of you! On the other hand, these ads could have been posted by women who do not have the time to look, or are tired of looking out there in the real world. So, I clicked one of those ads to find out more.

The first one read, “I am searching for someone who likes going to the cinema, walking in the park, having a picnic, drinking a nice wine and having a lot of fun.” Such a typical desire, wouldn’t you think? Sounds like someone looking for every woman’s fantasy: girl meets boy, good-looking, rich, and extremely nice boy falls in love with her, and they live happily ever after. Not that there is anything wrong with that — I am sure many guys want the same thing. But seriously, how likely are you to find that with a complete stranger online?

The next one was a bit more sincere: “I am searching for a ‘meaningful relationship.’ For me this means getting to know one another slowly, building trust, loyalty & commitment.” At least this person knows what she wants. And I’m sure a guy who wants the same thing would be happy to contact her via that impersonal, anonymous e-mail address that Craig’s List provides. Right? Just imagine the pickup lines in the response e-mails….

The last ad I read, however, was a bit more personal, honest and touching than the rest. “I’m single of course and have been busy, caring for my mother and now it’s time to find someone to take care of me.” Although that does sound like a typical woman fantasy, it at least sends a very powerful message: this is truly a good person. Caring for her mom, and putting her life on pause for that? Well, that’s of course, past the questionable trust one can put into an anonymous Internet personal ad. Yet, past the anonymity and likely disappointment that personal ads entail, this person’s quest for someone as caring as herself gave me a little bit of hope: the hope that there are good women out there who are still looking for someone to share their lives with. Living in such a big world, chances are, I will eventually get to meet one of them.

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