Widgetbox Blog Network: A spider web trap?

Like a good web citizen, I am avid to test new and upcoming technologies.  One such new technology caught my eye: Widgetbox Blog Network.  This is one of the many blog-sharing widgets out there, but what seems to set it apart from the rest is its high visibility.  I signed up for the tech news channel, which it said averages over 12,000 views per day.  With only 64 members, this should give me an average of about 184 page views a day, right?

Wrong.  See, this widget is kind of evil.  With the default settings, a blog using this widget would only advertise five blogs at a time.  If a user clicks the tiny “more” button (very unlikely), another five blogs would come up.  So in total, only 10 blogs would ever be advertised.  Did I say ever?  Pretty much.  The 10 blogs that do get advertised are only those with the most visits.  That means that a blog would never be advertised on this “network” until it is in the top ten, which would never happen because the top ten blogs keep on getting 12,000 ads a day which keeps increasing their traffic.  This translates into the top ten blogs gaining ever more traffic at the expense of the others.

Pretty soon, there would be a huge gap between the 10th and the 11th blog that would never be filled (unless by a miracle!)  Therefore, only those blogs already in the top 10 will benefit from this “blog network.”  How odd is that?!

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