It is what it is….

It is what it is, and what it is, is everything beneath the soft sheets that cover this atmospheric body.  It starts up high in the vaporized waters, where the cosmos pauses as it passes through a heavy magnetic field.  Just as it clashes with the highly energized building blocks of the universe, it sustains and retains underneath what little heat the distant yet closest star has provided in half a full spin.  Just below the flying waters and clangs from the cosmos, a more subtle gaseous layer inspires its creatures to see what’s far above from up close, and what’s close below from a distance.

It is what it is, and what it is, continues to be what it has set out to become.  It started small and then grew, as the solar revolutions elapsed over and over again, into gigantic tectonics that together have formed this blue morphing sphere.  A great distance divides the peaks of its highest landmarks and the bottom floors that lie and sink beneath the weight of its oceans.  Within and around, above and below, life spawns and is taken as the creatures that in it live build and destroy complete civilizations.  It withstands attacks to its nuclei, and punishes the violators of its rights with a fierce force that consumes accelerated with heat, or that brushes away all those that are smaller than it.

So what is it?  It is what it is, and what it is, is all the moves and all that sits very still underneath this cosmic shield, and above the animated magma tha flows freely through ferrous catheters.

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