Of Daydreams And Embarrassing Moments

My mind tends to wonder across seemingly unrelated thoughts. I tend to daydream about scenes of my life that I’ve put in the back of my mind for later processing, or fantasies so fabulous that my attention is trapped within.  It’s not that I want to loose focus, or stop paying attention, but that’s not how others see it — specially when I wake up from my daydreams verbalizing the last thing that happened in my fantasy.  And this, of course, sometimes gets me in trouble….

April and I were hanging out at her grandparents’ pool some time ago.  She was wearing this jaw-dropping, eye-opening and cannot-help-but-stare-at swim suite.  We were floating in the deep side of the pool, facing each other and chatting.  Well, she was doing most of the talking — I was just starring at her lips, thinking how awesome it would be to kiss her.  O and that large pair of femininity only somewhat covered by her bathing suite, which kept on floating over the surface of the blue water, just kept on stealing my attention.  Meanwhile, she kept talking.  Her well-shaped body was in my mind while she kept sharing her thoughts about dancing.

“So, I love tango”, exclaimed April with a bit of happiness in her voice.

“Yeah? How does the tango go again?” I asked, as I tried very hard to keep my eyes on her eyes as opposed to her lips.

“T-a-n-g-o,” she said while giggling.  “It’s really easy.  You go, T—-a—-n-g-o, with two slow steps followed by three very fast steps.”

“Oh, that sounds easy,” I said while nodding as I pictured April’s graceful self moving to the beat of a tango across the dance floor.  T—-a—-n-g-o, she continued in my head, grabbing my hand tight and pushing her body against mine very hard during the n-g-o part.  I wonder what the tango would be like in the water, I thought to myself.  Our nearly naked bodies could get very close during the fast-paced n-g-o steps.  I wonder if we could move that fast in the water.  We may have to try it in the shallow side of the pool, since we wouldn’t be able to move fast enough underwater for the n-g-o part.  In fact, we wouldn’t be able to move that well underwater, period.  Well, April probably could, but I couldn’t since I am so clumsy.  Could I dance underwater?  Well, fish do it, don’t they?  Kind of… trained fish maybe.  But fish aren’t all that smart, at least not as smart as dolphins.  Dolphins can dance underwater.  And they make that weird high-pitch sound…. I wonder if they would sing a high-pitched teeeee—aeeeee—-n-eeeee-g-eeeee-o-eeeee while dancing the tango underwater.  But dolphins aren’t fish, they’re mammals, so they don’t count.  Underwater monster fish could probably dance a tango!  Except they wouldn’t sing a girly high-pitched teeeee—aeeeee—-n-eeeee-g-eeeee-o-eeeee tango like dolphins would.  They would sing a lower t-o—-a-o—-n-o-e-o-g-o tangooo.  It would go something like this:

“Shhhhh… Shhhhh… Shhhhh….” I started blowing on the surface of the water with my hands forming a loudspeaker over my mouth.  “Shhhh… Shhhh… Shhhh….”

“What the heck are you doing?!” April yelled with an awakening voice.  “Are you even paying attention to me?!” she yelled even louder.

“Huh?” I uttered, as I started to regain consciousness, awakening from my daydream world while still processing her irate words.

“What is wrong with you?!  What’s that noise you’re making?”

“O I’m listening, ” I said, not yet knowing whether I was lying to her or telling the truth.  “I was just… uh… hmmmm…”

“What was I talking about?” she asked, probably testing me — most likely testing me.

“Tango, of course! We’re talking about tango!” I said with an apologetic tone while I blushed in shame.  “Come here, showed me how to do the tango,” I added, hoping to get her mind off of this very uncomfortable moment.  I grabbed her hand and dragged her to the shallow end.

“What, here?” she asked.  “In the pool?”

“Yeah, why not.”


We started dancing the tango.  I starred into her eyes after every t—-a—-, when our bodies touched in the n-g-o.  “T—-a—-n-g-o,” we sang as we moved through the water less gracefully than a couple of toddlers.  We laughed.  I was hoping she had forgotten by now my embarrassing daydreaming incident.  I think she had.  We kept dancing in the pool, laughing and holding hands tight.  Eventually, after a t—-a—-n-g-o in which our bodies rubbed closely enough to heat up the pool, we hugged.  We both smiled and starred into each other’s eyes, as we hugged in the pool on that embarrassing day.

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