So many places in just a couple of days….

So here is the quick break down of my adventurous weekend:

Everything start Saturday at noon. I found out there was a Pow Wow in the Ann Arbor area, and I still had time to make it to the great walk which started at seven.  So, I drove to the Pow Wow in Saline, where I met a lady from an Ontario tribe who taught some Guatemalans who live in Toronto how to fish, and also a Shaman who told me a few sacred Hopi stories.  After the Pow Wow, I missed my exit to Lansing so I drove up to Flint, where in a split second I decided to go see the thumb of Michigan.

I drove to Lapeer and then Marlette, the heart of the thumb, and then to Bad Axe, where I met some elite hackers.  I was lucky to find a hotel open late. After spending the night in Bad Axe, I drove to the tip of the thumb, or two tips rather (if you look real close): Port Austin, where I took some pictures and wrote some nonsense; and Pointe aux Banques, where I hiked into a hidden bay to take pictures and write more nonsense.  On the way back through Bad Axe, I met Amanda, who now owes me a date.

On the way back, I stopped by Ionia and hung out with some friends.  Then I drove to Lowell, where I enjoyed some Taco Bell before they closed due to technical difficulties (gee, those dudes from Bad Axe really had nothing better to do…).  I walked in a park half-flooded by the Grand River, where I wrote more nonsense until it actually started to make sense.  Since I wasn’t quite ready to go home, I went to Comstock Park and eventually found my way to Riverside Park.  There, my mind wondered for a couple of miles until it came to realize what my first book will be about.

I made it back home safe and sound, having visited so many different places and experienced the most random events of the year.  The people I met and the things that I saw all came together after hours on the road to show me what my book will be about: love.

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