Status… Decisions… What is to come?

So much has happened since I last had a chance to write my thoughts down.  I’ve been to wonderful places in Michigan, including Petoskey, Ludington, Silver Lake, Cedar Springs, Lowell, Grand Haven, Three Rivers, Bad Axe and Bay City.  I’ve also been to Indiana where I enjoyed Amish bakery, and even got to see the most amazing old-school ice cream making machine.  Plus, I got a cool hiking stick for $5 bucks with awesome Eagle carvings at the biggest flea market I’ve ever seen.  Let’s see, I also just finished my first week in a new job, as a programmer for the Data Warehouse team at a major hospital network (yes, it finally happened!).  It’s been challenging and fun so far.  Hmmm… perhaps the most remarkable thing so far is that I started the first of my master’s classes — a really fun one called Computer Architecture where I’m learning to make computers better and faster.  I also decided not to move to Canada, so now I’m looking into buying a house in the area.

But I know that many of you don’t come to my blog to hear about those things.  Most of you probably come here to read about cool computer tricks or to enjoy poetic stories of love and romance.  Tonight, I wish I had one of the two.  I don’t.  What I have is the thought of a wonderful, super smart and really cute girl that I just met.  What I have to share tonight is the thought that although I already like her, this time, I will take it slow.  I won’t scare her away, but I won’t move too slow either.  I won’t wait once again until it’s too late and we end up being nothing more than friends.  And don’t get me wrong — there is nothing wrong with being friends, but I have way too many female friends already.  And I am looking for more.  I am looking for a relationship.

Now, whether it will eventually work out with her or not, I do not know.  All I know is that I am tiered of playing games, and of chasing the wrong girls, and of being too late for the right ones.  All I know is that I am finally over whatever it was that was holding me back, and I am ready for a real, serious, long-lasting relationship.  No more week-long or month-long adventures — no way, I’m done with those.  No more falling in love after two seconds, either.  It’s time to be careful not to fall for someone too quickly, but also careful not to wait too long.   I now know what kind of girl I’m looking for — and for me, that is a huge step!  The only question is — with school, my new job, my house search and my new book, when will I have time to meet her?

I guess if I start valuing the rare opportunities to get together with friends, like I did tonight, I’ll have the time.  After all, that’s how I met her.  So, if I still like her after we hang out again, then you’ll probably have the romantic story that you are looking for!  And if not, I guess I’ll have time for hacking and programming tips, so either way, you, the reader, will win.

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