CIE? Yes!

Let’s make one thing very clear: I love learning. If there is one thing that keeps me going during the tough times, and that gives me hope for the future even when life is moot, it’s learning new things. Computers, quantum physics, electronics, robotics, writing, programming, music — you name it! Whatever it is, the only thing that keeps me happy is learning.

Therefore, when I decided to enroll in Cleveland Institute of Electronics‘s A. A. S. in Electronic Engineering Technology program last month, the reputation or validity of their degree was (and still is) the last thing in my mind. Sure enough, it’s a correspondence/online degree, so it may not seem that valid to some people. And sure enough, it has national, not regional, accreditation, which some universities may diminish. But you know what? I have truly enjoyed every single one of my physics and electronics lessons so far! I have learned and discovered more useful things in just six 50-page lessons than in all my science classes combined. In fact, I feel like I have a better understanding of physics principles now that I’ve gone through these lessons than I did after taking algebra-based and calculus-based physics. Not that the lessons won’t take me to that level of detail eventually, but at least so far they’ve done a much better job at teaching me scientific principles and practical applications than many of my most rigorous college classes.

So yes, I am enjoying CIE. And yes, I plan to complete the program and get this degree. Why? Simple, because I’m learning. Also because I truly believe that this will make my transition back into college, and more specifically into electrical engineering, easier and smoother. Also because I believe this will help me get some cool part time jobs in electronics while I finish my engineering degree (or at the very least, it will help me get co-ops more easily than other students in my class).

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