Egyptian Pyramid Virtual Tours

While taking a break from my very cool but extremely confusing AutoCAD homework (read: procrastinating), I ran across a couple of fun sites that provide virtual tours of Egyptian pyramids.

The first one is in 3D (click here to open in a new window).  Click the foot icon (towards the top of the image) to navigate the Great Pyramid of Giza.  Use the arrow keys in your keyboard to navigate, and Q and A keys to look up or down respectively.  Note that this is a commercial site, thus the accuracy of the animation could be questionable.

The next virtual tour comes from PBS’s Nova web site.  You’ll need Quick Time for this.  I found four animations, all of which can be navigated with the mouse or arrow keys:

If you know of other virtual tours, specially as they would have been seen in ancient times, feel free to post a link in the comments!

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