To unfear the unknown
Means taking a trip far away
And jumping in wet,
During a cold night,
Into a solo boat
Never having paddled before
Never having been so close
To the teeth of the North Channel rocks
Never having seen up close
The snowflake moon
Melting into the clear ether
That rocks this solo boat.

Unfearing the inner self
Takes a hike through the woods
In the picturesque rocks
Of an island so long ago forgotten
That the stars find shelter in it.

Unfearing takes falling and breaking a shin
Paddling with urgency
And getting it fixed
Just on time for climbing
Those tall, rocky cliffs
That make the wind blow joy
Allowing for a safe return
With a new family of unfearing beings.

About Gabriel Mongefranco

Gabriel Mongefranco is your software developer for all things data: extraction, integration, analytics and security. He is also a blogger, a poet, a proud father and a faithful Christian. He is always eager to contract with faith-based nonprofits! Learn more.