So long, and thanks for all the friends!

Upon careful consideration, I have decided to retire It has been great running my own social networking site, and I am thankful for all the readers who first found my blog through it. I am thankful for all the followers, and for all the friends I made through this family-focused social network. I wish I could keep it around, but I do not have the time to administer or maintain it anymore. Between school, work, my blog, volunteering, my inventions, my family and my friends, I have little time left for anything else. Thus, I have moved my entire blog to in preparation for retiring OakPages.

So long, OakPages. So long, Elgg development, and so long, OakPages followers from over 150 countries. It’s been great, but now it is time to say good bye.

Gabriel Mongefranco

About Gabriel Mongefranco

Gabriel Mongefranco is your software developer for all things data: extraction, integration, analytics and security. He is also a blogger, a poet, a proud father and a faithful Christian. He is always eager to contract with faith-based nonprofits! Learn more.