How Can I Say a Word

I can just look at you
And not say a single word
I can just stare
And not have move my lips
Because you know quite well
What’s in my head
Before I can even think of it

I have no need for words
After all
How can I tell you
What you already know

How can I talk
Of my sleepless nights
Jumping off my bed
To turn on the lights
So I can have a better look
At my empty bed
And imagine you right there
Then turning off the lights
And coming back to bed
Where you image fades away
After two minutes of nauseous sleep
Then doing it all over again
More desperately each time
Into the lonesome day
Later, when I come to see you
My long face
And sleepy eyes
Just give it all away
Without me saying anything

How can I speak
Of my morning urge
To come hear your voice
And see your smile
And smell your scent
If you can just look at me
And sense my anxiety
When you move your lips
And know just how badly
I want to kiss you again
If you can feel my hands
Trying to get closer to yours
And know just how badly
I want to be with you

So how can I say a word
When you decode me
Faster than I can speak
Deeper than I can think
Longer than I can sleep
How can I say anything at all
When you know me better
Than I know myself

About Gabriel Mongefranco

Gabriel Mongefranco is your software developer for all things data: extraction, integration, analytics and security. He is also a blogger, a poet, a proud father and a faithful Christian. He is always eager to contract with faith-based nonprofits! Learn more.