A great first day

Two men and a truck

Today was my first day at Two Men and a Truck home office (headquarters) in Lansing, Michigan. My first impression was quite positive — everyone treated me like I was part of a big family.  I like the fact that I had a schedule planned out for the whole week.  Most of my first week is setup for me to meet with different departments in order to get me get acquainted with how the business operates and the people who run it. I met almost everyone there today, including the president, who turned out to be a very nice and down-to-Earth guy.  The CFO, COO and CIO are all awesome people too, who genuinely care for their staff and believe in this company. Almost everyone appears to have a sense of humor, which is great. Those who are more reserved make up for it with their welcoming and respectful attitude. Many folks in my department (IT) share my interests — outdoors, water sports, robotics, security, programming, and even sci-fi and anime. The best part though is that everyone is very helpful and in some way or another made my first day a fantastic adventure!

Oh my goodness, did I mention that I got an actual office, not a cubicle?  Well, it’s awesome!!! It looks plain right now, with no decorations other than a live plant and two big monitors, but it has potential. A few landscape pictures here and there, plus my BPA plaques, and maybe some geeky office toys will inject life into it. My computer is super fast and is loaded with all the latest software, plus I started loading the newest versions of all Microsoft development packages a geek like me could ever want. There is also something incredible in this building: Stick Man University. This is where movers from new franchises get trained. There is essentially a whole house — beds, dressers, washer, dryer, etc. — and a (stationary) moving truck inside of the building for the movers to practice. Now, how did they manage to do all this is beyond me, but it is quite amazing! Some folks from Ireland, the UK an Canada are here for training this week, which is kind of cool.

Anyway, I really like it so far. I think I can expect to have a great time, learn a bunch and have fun with challenging projects for a long, long time. I am very grateful to the folks at TEKsystems for helping me find a job at a company that totally suits me.

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