Boat Camp Weekend

This past weekend was absolutely incredible!  I was in Muskegon Friday evening and all day Saturday for “Boat Camp,” an annual on-the-water training event for Coast Guard Auxiliary boat crew members.  It was cold and raining, but I had a lot of fun!  My brain was overloaded with procedures for rescuing and water operations.

While on board a 44-foot Auxiliary boat, I ran through man-over-board drills several times until I got it right.  As easy as it may sound, rescuing a 140-pound dummy out of the cold Lake Michigan water, while being thrown side to side on the boat, is actually really tough! I can’t even imagine what it would be like to rescue a real person….  Throwing a heaving line to another boat or a floating dummy in a rocking boat is also harder than it sounds. But, after the 5th try or so, I was able to do both, and I only hit the dummy on the head once! 🙂  I also practiced towing other boats, search patterns, and anchoring a smaller boat.

We had lunch at the Coast Guard station in Muskegon. It was good food, but the best part was sipping some hot coffee while drying off. 🙂 Hanging out with the Coast Guard personnel and fellow Auxiliarists was good too.

Even though I was cold and wet, I still couldn’t help to feel thrilled. This is hard to explain, but there is something about being out in the water, in a Coast Guard uniform, that just makes me feel… happy.  Luckily, there will be more training and underway patrols throughout the summer to keep me excited about volunteering at the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

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