I Was Afraid


I was afraid of commitment
I was afraid of loosing
My individuality
My freedom to walk
Alone or in company
Not tied to anyone
Not chained to faithfulness

I was afraid to wake up
In the middle of the night
And find wrinkles in my hands
And know my life slipped away
And I had only ever slept
In one bed until the end

I was afraid to someday marry
Anyone who touched my heart
For that would mean giving up
The freedom to get up and leave
Whenever I just felt like it

I was terrified of marriage
I was horrified by union
I looked for a way
To stay in, yet far away
Thus ruining my relationships

But then I met you
As terrified as I was
Of giving myself entirely
I came to realize
That the thought of someday
Marring you
Was not at all scary

The thought of someday
Declaring my love at the altar
And joining you in marriage
Is somewhat inspiring
It fills me with excitement
And makes me truly happy

I once was afraid
Of committing my life to anyone
But now that you are in my life
I am no longer afraid
I no longer fear, but yearn
The first day of our life together

About Gabriel Mongefranco

Gabriel Mongefranco is your software developer for all things data: extraction, integration, analytics and security. He is also a blogger, a poet, a proud father and a faithful Christian. He is always eager to contract with faith-based nonprofits! Learn more.