A Thank You Letter to EnableTech

To Ed Keelen,
President, EnableTech

Our little boy outgrew the accessible crib way faster than our girl did. Since we no longer have a use for it, we thought it would be great to pass it on to someone in our situation who could benefit from it. We contacted some Michigan-based disability organizations explaining how this crib works, where it came from, and that we were giving it for free. Several new parents with different degrees of disabilities expressed interest, and it is going to a new home this Wednesday to a couple in Michigan who is starting a family. The mom is in a power chair, so this is perfect for that family.

Picture of Wheelchair-Accessible Crib, Doors open side to side
Roll-Under, Wheelchair-Accessible Crib from EnableTech.org, personalized with Hello Kitty.

I want to thank you, your organization, your volunteers, students, donors and contractors for the opportunity you gave us to raise our babies in this crib. It was truly a life-changer for my wife, who would otherwise not have been able to put the children to bed, get them up, change them, and just feel more like a fully able and capable mother by not letting a wheelchair get in the way. If there is any doubt in your minds that what you do matters, we have two little ones who will tell you otherwise. Although they may not know what EnableTech does, they know that they enjoyed fully happy first years of life with their mommy just like any other baby, because EnableTech didn’t let a crib or a wheelchair get in the way. And for that, we will always be thankful. We will always remember you.

Thank you, and may our God bless every single one of you at EnableTech!

The Mongefranco Family in early 2019.

The Mongefranco Family

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