A Good Move… A Good Will

While looking for some camping supplies, I stepped into a thrift store hoping to find cheap camp cooking ware.  This store was part of Good Will Industries, which is an organization that provides work and humanitarian aid for those in disadvantage through its hundreds of donation centers and thrift stores.  Most thrift stores I’ve been to tend to overprice their merchandise, but Good Will prices seemed extremely low and fair.  I found most of the camping supplies I needed for under $2 each, plus a few bonuses….

They had a brand new U-Dance game, which is a sort of Dance Dance Revolution that uses infrared motion sensors instead of a mat.  I found it for $15, while the retail price online is $75!  The game turned out to be lots of fun and quite a workout.  My dance moves stink, so I kept getting “keep practicing” messages for a while. 🙂  I think at this point, I am more interested in a motivator to work out than anything else — and it looks like I’ve found one at a low price!

Anyway, my total came down to less than $30, which is at least five times less than what I would have paid at a sporting goods store — and that’s including a U-Dance!  Not only that, but the cashier asked me if I was a student.  When I said yes and showed her my student ID, she gave me a 10% discount. How awesome is that!  So, I guess going to Good Will for camping goods was a good move.  I might just have to go back to check out their electronics. 😉

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