I Still Remember

I still remember
His tiny little eyes
Looking at me
As if telling me
To take him home

I still remember
The huge smile drawn
Upon his miniature face
As if meticulously painted
On a porcelain doll

I still remember
His minuscule fingers
Touching the window
As we played through the glass
While his playful little tail
Was swinging from side to side

I miss this little kitty
And even though I only met him
Two days and too long ago
Even though we only played
For thirty minutes too short
He stole from me and hid away
In the hairball in his mouth
A part of my weary heart
Which still yearns
For his loving company

About Gabriel Mongefranco

Gabriel Mongefranco is your software developer for all things data: extraction, integration, analytics and security. He is also a blogger, a poet, a proud father and a faithful Christian. He is always eager to contract with faith-based nonprofits! Learn more.